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Daily dispatches from my 12 weeks at the Recurse Center in Summer 2023

Today was slightly abridged since my boy is sick, but did manage to get a few things done:

  • paired a bit on C for BYOL. We focused on implementing exponentiation in the Lisp parser we’re working on. Exponentiaion is a special case, turns out, presuming you want to ensure that the ^ operator takes two and only two arguments. This challenge was a relative of accepting a single argument with the minus operator to negate a number.
  • continued my battle with a LeetCode brain-melter of a linked list problem
  • had a great coffee chat discussing the extent to which relative comfort/discomfort with infinitude might be generational. This is something I’ve been wondering about in the context of Breath of the Wild, which is effectively infinite: I suppose theoretically it’s possible to bring it to 100% completion, but that seems besides the point for a game so open. I find I am having to come to terms with its exceessive nature and accept that finishing the game and 100% completing it may be two different things – an uncomfortable thought for someone who grew up with extremely finite games, but one I am getting used to.
  • worked on some SICP exercises and generally feeling grateful that next week we’re moving on from the math-heavy algos. Not that I dislike them – it’s just that they take me a while.